Payeworx Umbrella

Umbrella payroll for public and private sector contractors.

Umbrella contracting made simple.

Working through an umbrella company is an ideal option for anyone just getting started as a contractor. It also provides the ideal solution for those working on shorter assignments as umbrella employment means you become an employee of Payeworx, giving you the flexibility of self-employment while also experiencing some benefits and security of permanent employees.

  • Same day payments
  • Little Admin
  • Fast set up
  • Low Fees
  • Full insurance
  • Contractor Network Membership
  • No IR35 issues
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We've got you covered

Setting up couldn’t be easier, taking only a matter of hours and 99% of this can be done either online or over the phone.

Once you’re registered, no more filing tax returns, paying expensive accountancy fees or spending your evenings completing complicated paperwork. As an employee of Payeworx, we take care of all the admin that you don’t want to.

We’ll collect payment from either your agency or client on your behalf, deduct tax via Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and all relevant NI contributions and then process a same day payment straight to your personal bank account. Payslips will be provided for each payment that is made. And it’s that simple!

Fresh Ideas

Payeworx is unique in the market and the first solution to allow you to continue to operate your limited company.

Simple Sign Up

Our on-boarding process is simple, fast and secure  enabling you to get setup and paid within 2 days from joining.

Full Reporting

As your employer, Payeworx will make all of the necessary deductions and complete full RTI reporting to HMRC every pay cycle.

Easy Referrals

Helping out your fellow workers to find a solution to IR35 is incredibly simple. Simply, put their details into the form and look like a hero.

Focused Results

Our team is committed to your satisfaction. This can only be achieved by ensuring you are completely satisfied with our service and enjoy delay free pay.

Designed For You

Every client is unique as are their circumstances. That's why we dont simply roll out the same examples and packages to all. We talk, calculate, and inform you of every detail.